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Sljivovica Old Plum Brandy 750mL


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Sljivovica, also known as Slivovitz or Šljivovica, is a traditional plum brandy originating from the Balkans, with its highest popularity in Serbia and Croatia. It is made from fermented and distilled Damson plums, resulting in a fruity and slightly tangy flavor. The alcohol content typically ranges from 40% to 50% and is often consumed as a straight shot or used in cocktails. Sljivovica holds cultural significance in the Balkans and is associated with hospitality and toasts at special occasions. Variations in production and regional flavors exist, making it a diverse and iconic spirit in the region.



Sljivovica, often referred to as “Slivovitz” or “Šljivovica,” is a traditional plum brandy that originates from the Balkans, particularly popular in countries like Serbia, Croatia, and other neighboring regions. Here’s an overview of Sljivovica:

  1. Ingredients: Sljivovica is made from fermented and distilled plums. The plums used are typically the traditional Damson plums, known for their high sugar content, which is essential for fermentation and distillation.
  2. Production: The production of Sljivovica involves several steps. Ripe plums are harvested, mashed, and fermented. The resulting plum mash is then distilled in pot stills to create a high-proof spirit. The distillation process is typically done twice or even more to ensure a high alcohol content and a smoother taste.
  3. Flavor and Aroma: Sljivovica is renowned for its robust fruity aroma and flavor. It has a distinct plum character, often described as both sweet and slightly tangy. The taste can range from mild to fiery, depending on the alcohol content and the specific distillation process.
  4. Color: Sljivovica can vary in color, but it usually falls within the range of clear to pale yellow or light amber.
  5. Alcohol Content: The alcohol content of Sljivovica can vary, but it typically ranges from 40% to 50% alcohol by volume. Some homemade versions may be even stronger.
  6. Cultural Significance: Sljivovica holds cultural significance in the Balkans and is often considered the national drink of Serbia. It is deeply ingrained in local traditions and celebrations. It is commonly offered as a sign of hospitality and is associated with toasts at various gatherings and special occasions.
  7. Variations: Like many traditional spirits, there can be regional and personal variations of Sljivovica. Some producers may add their own unique twists, such as aging the brandy in oak barrels for added complexity and flavor.
  8. Use: Sljivovica is typically consumed as a straight shot, often served chilled, and it’s a popular choice for toasting. It is also used in cocktails and mixed drinks in the Balkans. Additionally, it’s a common ingredient in various culinary recipes, adding a distinctive plum flavor to dishes and desserts.

Sljivovica is a beloved and iconic spirit in the Balkans, known for its fruity and robust plum flavor. Whether enjoyed as a traditional shot, in cocktails, or as an ingredient in culinary creations, it plays an essential role in the cultural and social life of the region.

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