Recipe - Sunset Fizz Cocktail - Lime Liquor

Recipe – Sunset Fizz Cocktail

June is officially the start of summer and we could not be more excited! At Lime Liquor we’re celebrating the beginning of the season with a delicious and refreshing summer drink. This yummy drink is perfect for late summer nights enjoying the sunset and warm air. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and all the liquors can be found at Lime Liquor at the best prices in Calgary!⠀

3 oz. La Marca Prosecco⠀
1.5 oz. lime juice⠀
0.5 blood orange syrup⠀
A few grapes⠀

Pour all the ingredients slowly into your glass.⠀
2. Add ice to the cocktail.⠀
3. Garnish with a few grapes.