July 2022 - Lime Liquor

Recipe – Breakfast Martini

Normally when people think of breakfast drinks they think of a Bloody Mary or Mimosa. While these are tried and true classics, Lime Liquor wanted to share a unique breakfast drink with our followers: The Breakfast Martini! This drink is bright, juicy, and delicious with the perfect ratio of sweetness and tartness! It’s vivid colour […]

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Recipe – Rose Paloma

This Rose Paloma is our drink of choice this month. This drink features both rose wine and blanco tequila! Lime Liquor recommends Maison No. 9 Rose for the best possible drink. Ingredients:2 oz. Maison No. 90.75 oz. blanco tequila1.5 oz. grapefruit juice0.5 oz. lime juice0.5 oz agave syrup2 oz. soda waterIceSalt (optional for rim)Grapefruit wedge […]

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